Lost in AdSpaces, your journey to World wide advertising.
Facts and Questions

 Lost In Ad Spaces FAQs

 What is a traffic exchange?

Traffic exchanges are an online service where web site owners trade traffic between each other. Other ad space adventurers of Lost In Ad Spaces will view your web site and you can visit the sites of other ad space adventurers.

 How is this possible?

To be able to have your web site placed in the Lost In Ad Spaces World rotator for other humans to view, you must add page views to your Site Ads so the image of your site reaches the various space quadrants of other space adventurers.

You do this simply by Clicking 'View pages' on your space craft’s console area. The antennas of your craft will then start to receive other Space adventurer’s Site Ads for you to view.

When your viewing other space adventurers sites you will be energizing your own Site Ads for every site you view.

Your site will be shown for every 1 page view that you assign to it.

 I've never heard of this before!

You won't have heard of this before because Lost in Ad Spaces is the only Traffic Exchange that will take you on far adventures to promote your Earthly online business and search for additional bountiful opportunities to bring back home, with a built in fun and adventurous side to it. You can also collect "Helmet" badges from other Traffic Exchanges taking part in the weekly cach prize draw and be in with a chance of being 1 of the 10 weekly Super Highway Masters.

 Our 1 piece of advice.

When you sign up for your FREE space craft, buckle up and get ready for your new adventures, BUT… Always keep your eyes on your screen, you don't want to react to late in Ad Spaces. It's full of Asteroids, Time Warps, Black Holes just to name a few and you don't want to be a casualty of Ad Spaces or get Lost in Ad Spaces.....