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The Lost in Ad Spaces "Helmet" Badge Game is not a Get Rich Scheme, Ponzi or High Interest Earning Site. L.I.A.S is solely for you to advertise your online business to other like minded users, increase your business awareness but with a fun element during your online time with your promotions.

Get your opportunities seen Worldwide 24 hours a day.
Collect "Helmets" when surfing at many Traffic Exchanges!

Build your collection to increase your Points!
Compete against other users to take the Title and Prize for being the "Highway Master" of your Membership Level.

What is L.I.A.S?

What's it all about?

How do I get started?

Lost in Ad Spaces is a Traffic Exchange to have your online opportunities shown to others with a FREE Game which can also be played across many other  Traffic Exchange sites.
Along with L.I.A.S these other sites are also a great way to increase website traffic, increase your brand awareness and with the "Helmet" badges, time will fly past as you increase the amount you collect.

NO MATTER your membership level, every "Helmet" Badge will earn you Points which can be used here or at various T.E's with offers in the PointsShop.

Every "Helmet" Badge you collect will increase the amount of Points in your balance.

Be a MONTHLY Winner and get even more Points added to your balance.

Sign up for your FREE account.
After email verification is completed (please use a gmail account to receive verification email), view the Q and A's all about L.I.A.S and the "Helmet" Badges.
Once you have added your own Ads for display to other users, start viewing users Ads and collecting the "Helmet" Badges. Build up your Points and use for Upgrades or Convert to $Cash.

STOP being a Space Cadet

Get your Business moving.
L.I.A.S gives you the Tools, use them.