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  • Nov 28th 2022 at 11:44 PM
    Understanding Viral Traffic Games Part 2

    We already went over the fact that as a member of Viral Traffic Games, when you click on the VTG icon in whatever traffic exchange you are surfing or safelist mailer you are earning credits in, you will get extra credits, banners, text ads and cash in that safelist mailer or traffic exchange you are currently working. Viral Traffic Games also features something called side quests. These are Viral Traffic Games that give you a chance to win some cash from Viral Traffic Games each week. One side quest is the Traffic Exchange diamond tournament. Collect 10 diamonds from the 3 traffic exchanges that are participating for the diamond tournament that day and get your name put in a weekly cash raffle drawing at Viral Traffic Games. Here is a splash page that promotes the traffic exchange diamond tournament:

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Understanding Viral Traffic Games Part 2
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