Cash Pot so far this week: $ 7.50 
Weekly Random Prize Pot so far this week $ 2.50

Lost in Ad Spaces is not a quick get rich scheme, MLM or Ponzi scheme, it's a serious business advertising service with additional benefits the more you put into it.

 If you want more for your money knowing your Ads are being seen, you have come across the right page.

Your ads shown across a number of independant sites with the Lost in Ad Spaces rotator splash pages.
View only 100 pages and get your FREE "Enhanced" ship upgrade for passing your flying test.
Win back your upgraded "Luxury" Cruiser ship fee by taking part in the weekly cash prize competitions by collecting the Lost in Ad Spaces "Helmet" Badges. 20 Cash Prizes on offer each week.


These Badges are being shown in the surfbar of over 90 Traffic Exchanges with varying values. You choose where to collect. Complete list and value worth to you shown after you have signed up for your FREE "Rookie" ship.


Start your journey into Ad Spaces today and be far from Lost with the friendly ship owners already collecting for their weekly entries.