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I am Commander of an American Legion Post in NJ. When I get time I love collecting things, from cards to coins. You can find me around the surfing community.
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  • Dec 24th 2023 at 7:29 PM

    Team Nilfori Adds Nexus Snap to their Promotions!

    Team Nilfori Adds Nexus Snap to the Team promotions!!Team Nilfori, which stands for Next in Line for Income, has been promoting goDesana and now adds Nexus Snap to the team Agenda. Each person that joins either of the 2 or Both, will be put in line to receive 1 referral. This helps everyone to get an earning with our Help. 
    This will help build down, so it will make your matrix pay in both bigger than if you worked it alone.

    To find out more, go to my Team Capture Page and read some of the highlights of both. There are more highlights but wanted to keep the page shorter.

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  • Dec 9th 2023 at 12:16 AM
    Great Life Crown Jewels Team

    Great Life Launching Jan 3

    Check this out! You've probably never seen anything like this! We're inviting you to be a part of the pre-launch of GreatLife Worldwide, a global venture offering digital and nutritional products that will revolutionize your life and your income. It's your Ticket to Success and we're positioning and building under people for this, Timing and Positioning is everything for you right now! This could be the ONE for YOU to get that long lasting, nice solid growing recurring income established quickly.

    Here's what's coming in the next 40 days or less, a groundbreaking opportunity that's about to change the game -

    We're rebranding our 10-year-old American Dream Nutrition company into GreatLife Worldwide.
    Opening in over 180+ countries from day one, ensuring massive growth potential.
    A $20 monthly Life Coach membership with high-quality live success coaching and a Turnkey Marketing System.
    Earn up to $5,300 without enrolling anyone.
    A totally new compensation plan that pays 4 times more than other membership programs.
    Unlimited depth enrollment bonuses and monthly residual bonuses on all products, nutritional, and digital.
    A $49 one-time enrollment fee, which includes the first month of the $20 monthly membership, $20 fast start bonus & $9 coded bonuses no matter who sponsors.
    No limits on coded bonuses and matching bonuses, unlimited levels deep to infinity
    2x16 Matrix, Major Spillover

    In a nutshell GreatLife is going to be a subscription program like "LiveGood" and "Xcelerate". The next big thing and really, really special!

    However, with 2 major differences...
    1. They're going to pay much better and
    2. The $20/mo will get you high quality live success coaching and not just discounts on products and will include Turnkey Marketing System.

    Your $20 monthly Life Coach membership includes:
    Weekly Life Coaching Zoom - Accomplish goals - Improve your life in all areas - motivation - a library of Life Coach videos - $20 monthly.
    Also, a Complete Marketing System with Capture pages - autoresponders - websites - back office - support.
    Entrepreneur magazine states a high percentage of people fail in business because they don't have a system and a high percentage of people succeed in business when they use a system. Systems duplicate, people don't!

    All New “HOTTEST IN DEMAND” Digital Products!

    *Life Coaching, *Personal Fitness Training, *Personal Chef Cooking Classes, *Financial Education, *E-Learning - Includes A Massive Library of the Most Searched Subjects for Audio & E-Books.

    Go through this development website. The Products, The Marketing System & the Opportunity:

    Unbelievable once you understand it! I guarantee you've never seen anything like this! (Still under construction better to view on computer or laptop)

    EARN UP TO $5300 WITHOUT ENROLLING ANYONE! Totally New Compensation Plan Pays 4 Times More than Other Membership programs! *Totally New Unlimited Depth Enrollment Bonuses, plus Totally New Unlimited Depth Monthly Residual Bonus on All Products - Nutritional & Digital! It’s The Most Lucrative Plan Ever Developed! We are building our teams right now. You can earn Monthly Income on all $20 Life Coach members under you, plus you earn on all nutritional & digital products purchased no matter who sponsored them.

    I can honestly say I have never been so excited, literally everyone that has seen this says, "I'M IN" SIGN ME UP!!! We're talking to several Leaders in and out of the U.S. They all say the same thing!!!

    It will be $49 one-time to join, which includes the first month of the $20 monthly membership. Opening in 200 Countries. Will pay out $20 fast start bonus and $9 in coded bonuses. The coded bonuses will be never blocked, unlimited levels deep to infinity, no matter who sponsors the people joining, no matter how deep they are in your coded generational legs, from their $49 one-time enrollments. All Current members of ADN will be placed into GreatLife and the Enrollment fee will be waived.

    Those who do sponsor will also be earning between $3 and $9 per product EVERY month coded bonus on each product, and lots of people buy 3 or 4 of our products a month. UNLIMITED depth coded pay.

    No one is paying up to $9 per product on every order, every month. So, this will be huge! Coded bonuses are paid on new enrollments no matter who sponsored them & PAID MONTHLY on Nutritional and Digital Products. If you don’t understand coded pay think about Excel where the highest paid networker in history made over $50 million with half the codes we have! Plus, we will have Matching Monthly Bonuses!

    Secure your place and let's start building your path to lasting, recurring income today!

    Get in NOW and get positioned before the Launch of GREATLIFE WorldWide.

    Right now, we'll pay for your first bottle of product - Your choice (one month supply) and Free shipping.
    Don’t wait, don’t hesitate, get All the details for the FREE bottle offer Now by clicking on the link below.

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  • Nov 5th 2022 at 9:13 AM
    I'm Excited

    New Company just launched in September!
    LiveGood is a Health & Wellness company. It has some great products including CBD. I plan on trying the Organic Coffee.
    Member prices are very reasonable. To be able to get the member prices, you need to get a monthly membership for $9.95. If you don't plan on shopping, you don't need to do that.
    I really like the Affiliate Program. $20 One Time to setup. You get paid 50% of first purchases of your referrals, which they pay every Thursday by Direct Deposit.
    After that, you get 10% monthly on all purchases of your downline. To include any retail purchases that are made on your site, where they don't become a member.
    Example: Someone joins under you as a member and then does the Affiliate setup, you'll get $15 on Thursday.
    The following month, you'll get $5 plus 10% commission on any purchase they make. When you refer a couple people, it pays for your Affiliate right away.

    Check out the page I made for it.

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  • Nov 2nd 2022 at 5:25 PM
    New Capture page for Team ALFA

    I was able to make a neat little capture page using Leads Leap. It lists the highlights of why join us in Wealth Step by Step.
    I put six team members pictures on bottom. There is room for more new members. Will add anybody that joins from now on until we run out of room, or until they get their referrals from the Team.
    Check it out:

    I mentioned Leads Leap, so if you like how the capture looks, and would want to make your own:

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  • Why Join Wealth Step by Step with Team ALFA
    This is from my blog on Team ALFA's Website:
    If you are a new Member to our Team, this should help you explain to prospects, why they should join our Team and Wealth Step by Step.

    First, we are a part of the Biggest Team in the Company. What this means to us, is we have more of a chance at getting spillover. We are a part of the

    Early Birds Team, so we ask our members to promote their own link along with the Early Birds Team Links. As Founder of our Team, I make sure to promote our Team Website as well.

    After you tell your prospect about Wealth Step by Step and how simple it is to earn, If they are ready to join, give them your link to join. If they need just a little more encouragement, send them to our Team website. Make sure if you are sending someone personally to the Team website, that you tell them to put your name in the contact form, so I give them your link. We also have a Team Forum, which also gets some traffic off and on, with a chat if anyone in there has questions. Link to the forum is located on the Front Page of our Team Website.

    Benefits of joining our Team are as follows.

    We have Team Chats + Members only Team Facebook Group, where you can go to get updates, ask questions and get promotion ideas from me.

    We have 2 Public Pages, where someone that is searching for work at home, can land and they send people to either our rotator or our team page.

    We have our Team Rotator, where anyone that signs up to any Team Member, will get placed into. Also, since we are in Early Birds, we can be placed into their rotator as well as our other 2 Upline's rotators. So, total of 4 rotators, which will help your page get seen my extra eyes.

    The Best Feature of Our Team, I believe, is that we use the Next in Line list.

    The Next in Line list can be found in our Forum. Everyone that comes to the team, whether through the Forum, rotator, website or personally referred get placed in the rotator. The goal of the NIL is to get everyone at least paid members. It goes like this:

    Name 1 Name 2 Name 3 Name 4

    Example: We have 4 people in the list. We get a sign up from forum Name 1, gets the personal signup, the person that just joined goes to List as Name 5. Next person, same thing so on and so on. In the Forum, it shows the List and who has received referrals.

    Now, while waiting on their turn, Name 3 gets a referral from the rotator. It gets noted. Then when Name 3's turn comes up they still get their referral. Once you receive 3 from the team, you are done on the list, but will continue on our Team Rotator!

    Make sure when you are explaining Wealth Step by Step, that you be clear that this is not a get rich quick opportunity, but if you really work hard getting the word out, you can be in profit quickly and from there it will only grow! If you are on Facebook, be sure to ask to be in our Team Chat, I monitor it regularly.

    Our little team asked me to start doing webinars again. Its been a couple years since I've done one. Our webinars are specific to our team, and we use them for recruiting.

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