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Being the owner and developer of the Lost in Ad Spaces "Helmet" Badges, is now the major interest of my life. With the continued development and updates with the way we all use the internet now days, and trying to make a site that stands out amongst the 100's of other site that seem plainly out the box with some new design.
One thing I find with the internet is humans are very courage's at posting partial or incorrect information which can be very harmful to a person or business. What happened to the courtesy of asking and finding the truth out before taking any actions?!
Read my Blog post to see the roller coaster of my life.
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  • Apr 19th 2022 at 9:02 AM
    My Life in a Nutshell

    I have always been from a customer service background from when I left school and started just down the road from where I use to live in England at one of the biggest supermarket chains at its time. Face to face customer service became second nature.
    After a few years an opportunity came up which I never expected and to be honest didn't think I would enjoy as going from a big store with open space to being sat at a desk in London UK dealing with the administration for an Assurance Company. Soon changed my mind and the boss use to have to kick me out at night as I earned more in overtime than my normal salary.
    Again I was in the right place at the right time and an opening arose so I then trained up and become a Broker Consultant for the same Assurance Company. I knew all the policies inside and out from my admin experience so lets go make a better life for myself. Even after being the youngest broker consultant in our office and constantly hitting the targets they initially gave me and always adjusted when I had hit them part way through the year, there was still something that I was missing in my life after being a broker consultant for nearly 9 successful years.
    I always wanted to work on Cruise Liners, but always when writing to them constant same reply, sorry you have no experience. HOW you meant to get experience if you won't let me work for you and learn?
    So I applied to a few Tour Companies and the 1st one that replied, FirstChoice, offered me a job there and then at my interview. OK had to tell my Boss it was the only day my plumber could come to fix my boiler, but think deep down he knew I was not happy even after getting promoted and ordering the new company car. Within 2 weeks, I left my stable Assurance Job in London, Sold my House and stepped on the airplane to sunnier climates that started off in Corfu, Greece back on the 12th May 1995. A day that I will never forget that changed who I am today.
    To be Continued... Only part way through, more to come about me the owner of Lost in Ad Spaces and FreeHits4u from being in a coma, x-rays of almost all of my body, Advance Qualified PADI diver, travelling further afield to Goa in India, losing my site in one eye then the other......

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My Life in a Nutshell
Apr 19th 2022 at 9:02 AM
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