Lost in AdSpaces, your journey to World wide advertising.

Lost in Ad Spaces is your journey to successful advertising.

 You will travel through ad spaces to energize your space craft’s viemelator. Your ship is your “Heart” of advertising.

As long as your viemelator has enough energy, your ads will be shown to other Space adventurers, seeking far off opportunities to get back home with an abundance of treasures and opportunities.


Along your space travels, you will pass Space Dust, Asteroid-belts, Time-warps, Black-holes, floating cash which will have varying effects on your ship “Heart rate”, just remember to keep your ships maintenance in top form. A badly running space craft in unknown territories could be disastrous for your advertising until repairs have been completed.

Take part in the weekly cash prize draw by collecting Lost in Ad Spaces "Passes", showing here and other participating Traffic Exchange sites.


Take control of your FREE space craft by registering with the command centre.
When you're in control of your FREE ship, expand your advertising with enhanced ad spaces craft and get your pulse ticking over at a regular rate. With the enhanced crafts technologies you will be in a better position to overcome some of the dangers of being Lost in Ad Spaces.